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Sweete & Sinn
Char Dafoe

Audrey Sinn, a woman of class, grace, and integrity who also enjoys her quiet, single life suddenly finds her cozy life turned inside out. Uprooting her life, Audrey is determined to make a happy life for her and her niece, contrary to the loneliness and doubt nestled deep in her heart. All of that changes when she meets the cute and charming local mechanic.


Jamie Sweete is everything her last name lives up to, but after years of living in a volatile environment surrounded by abuse and drunks, Jamie’s sweet side is buried deep behind the steel wall around her heart. When Audrey Sinn sashays into her life, the steel begins to disintegrate, melting it away, and Jamie’s miserable life vanishes staring back into the eyes of a woman who could possibly change her destiny. Desperate for a change, Jamie does everything to prove to the classy dame that she’s worth it. 

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