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Silver & Slay
Char Dafoe

Bodyguard Jomana Silver has been appointed to guard Reegan Slay, a lesbian fiction author who's had a sudden rise in popularity. Jomana never questions why an author would need protecting, she simply accepts the job without a second thought. After an unexpected, strange meeting with the author, Jomana finds herself bewitched by the charismatic, adorable, and quick-witted little lesbian. Warring with her principles to remain professional or to allow the lesbian in her that wants the witty writer out, Jomana struggles between right and wrong regarding Reegan.

Reegan Slay screams fun and easy until you go toe-to-toe with her and see past her colourful façade to the turmoil and heartache she expertly smothers with her charm. Once Reegan meets her bodyguard, all those walls erected over the decades come crumbling down and she finds herself equally struggling with her emotions toward the woman who starts to save her in every way a person can be saved.

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