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After winning several talent contests while completing her PhD in music, Kelly Spenser used her winnings to travel through Asia where she discovered the art of Asian cooking that will remain central to her way of living. She settles in the suburbs of Montreal where she builds her home with her own recording studio on three acres of land. Her musical compositions bring her notoriety and recognition, but love eludes her. Brent, her brother, introduces her to Mel, a colleague. Will this encounter bring her happiness?

After a tumultuous relationship, she breaks it off to pursue her career. Then again, Mel becomes obsessed with her and will do anything to get her back. When Kelly discovers her beloved cat has a lump on its side, she rushes it to the veterinary clinic. Chase Newman, the veterinarian, is a die-hard fan of hers, and when their eyes meet, it’s love at first sight.

Will their romance blossom or will it end on a sour note?

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