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Scarlett Knight

Scarlett Knight is a Texas native who enjoys being creative in a number of ways. Besides writing, taking amateur nature photos with her iPhone at nearby parks, listening to movie soundtracks while coloring in her adult coloring books, and happily wandering around the local Dallas/Fort Worth art museums, she also has a passion for de-cluttering and organizing, which her friends and family often take advantage of. She loves to travel, both around Texas and also to far away cities and countries for new adventures. A shameless foodie, she spends her weekends wining and dining at her favorite restaurants and delights in discovering new places to eat. Last but not least, she is the proud mom to a senior dachshund, which will always and forever be her special fur-baby.

As an author, Scarlett got her humble start writing and publishing erotic short stories for websites and anthologies. Since then, she has spread her storytelling wings and has now expanded her offerings to full-length, character-driven romance. After experimenting with a number of sub-genres, she wrote and published the contemporary lesbian romance ROADS AND REVELATIONS (2017). During the process of writing ROADS, she fell in love with creating F/F love stories. ROADS continues to be one of her most popular works to date, and fans are currently anticipating her second lesbian rock romance novel, BREAKING THE CHAINS.



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