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The Neon Fishnets: Breaking the Chains

Scarlett Knight

She returned home from rehab, ready to embrace rock star life as a clean and sober woman. Would a shocking new temptation lead her down a different dangerous path?

The Neon Fishnets’ lead guitarist, Raina Emerson, returns home from rehab a changed woman. Embarking on rock star life as a clean and sober musician isn’t easy, especially since Raina has been the band’s notorious party girl for the past decade, but she is totally up for the challenge. With a new album topping the charts, a tour coming up, and her band mates providing their love and support, everything is moving along perfectly.

That is, until a different kind of temptation enters her life in the form of a beautiful woman named Lara Thompson. Complicating things even further is the fact that Raina and Lara have a history, a shared dark past that Raina isn’t ready to confront.

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