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Shannon West and Selena Cooper




For the past few months, J.T. Whitlock has been happy with his dusty chalkboards and bored college students, because it means he hasn’t been bothered by any ghosts desperate to pass on messages to him. An English professor and a reluctant medium, J.T. is hoping for some uninterrupted time to further his relationship with "Brick" Brickman, a fedora-wearing, deeply closeted detective with the Atlanta Major Crimes Division. But who is the spirit person who begins appearing to J.T. in the park? And what does he want from J.T.?


Meanwhile, another young man, the nephew of Brick’s partner, has gone missing, and as a favor to the young man’s family, J.T. agrees to do a little sniffing around. His investigations bring him face to face with his ghost from the park and some startling revelations about the nephew’s activities. Brick has to defend his lover when other detectives question his involvement in yet another case, and they both have to figure out a way to protect themselves as more deep, dark secrets are revealed and J.T. becomes a target in a killer’s cruel games.

Excerpt of  Revelations



J.T. started showing off, pretending he could easily keep up with Brick and jog much faster than he normally did. Soon he was regretting that idea bitterly.

“Take even breaths,” Brick said, not even breathing hard as he jogged along beside him. He reached over and tapped his diaphragm. “Not like that. Breathe from here. Nice and slow.”

Nice and slow his ass. Not fifteen minutes into this run and J.T. was already gasping harder than a whore when the fleet was in. Finally, he simply gave up and stopped running, hands on his knees, and tried to catch his breath. Sweat poured off his forehead.

“Are you okay?” Brick asked. “Do you need your inhaler?”

“No, smart ass, I’m fine. Can we just go?”

“Sure.” Brick picked J.T. up in a fireman’s carry over his left shoulder and began loping toward the car.

J.T. pummeled his back. “Put me down, Brick! Stop it! I mean it—this is embarrassing!”

Brick laughed and kept going.

“People are staring,” J.T. hissed.

“Like who?”

“Like that boy back there by the tree.”

Brick stopped and gazed around the immediate area. “You sure you don’t need a hit off your inhaler, sweetheart? The only person I see is that old man on the bench over there about twenty yards away who’s looking at us like we’re both crazy. Do you think he disapproves?”

  Brick turned toward him and held out the hand not holding onto the backs of J.T.’s legs with a “What the fuck?” gesture and expression. The old man stood up quickly with a look of distaste on his face and pulled his gray haired wife to her feet.

“Come along, dear. The faggots and butt pirates are out early tonight.” He drew her away, even as she craned her neck for a look at them, and Brick laughed out loud, calling after them.

“Okay, I understand faggots, but butt pirates?  Really?” He slapped J.T.’s ass and laughed again. “Arrr...permission to come aboard, sir,” he said, and started laughing so hard he had to put J.T. down to lean up against a nearby tree.

“Idiot,” J.T. said, stifling a laugh. He glanced around at the little copse of trees by the path behind them where he’d seen the same boy as he’d seen the day before.

“That old guy’s not who you were calling a boy, is it?”

“No. I saw a boy—late teens or early twenties. I saw him here this morning too.”

“This morning? I thought you hadn’t jogged yet today.”

“Oh, I, uh…I did for a little while. I just didn’t get a good run in, you know?”

“Yes, I think I do know. You’re getting obsessed over this shit like you always do, and you’re going to wreck your health.”

“What do you mean, like I always do?” J.T. said indignantly. “And how the hell can jogging ruin my health?”

Brick folded his arms over his chest and shook his head at him. “When you have asthma in the kind of heat and humidity we have in Atlanta. And when you don’t eat properly because you’re trying to lose weight you don’t need to lose in the first place.”

 J.T. waved a dismissive hand at him and looked around behind him. “I wonder if that boy is homeless and living here in the park?” He snapped his fingers and looked over at Brick. “Oh, I know who he reminds me of now. He looks like our pizza delivery guy.”

“Well, in this case, I hope you’re hallucinating, babe. I like that kid, and when you see people that I don’t…. Let’s just say it’s usually bad news for somebody. And don’t think I don’t know you’re trying to change the subject. It won’t work, and we’re having a long talk about this on the way back to your apartment.”


Adult Excerpt


Brick ran his hand through his short hair. “This case just keeps getting worse.”

J.T. reached up to caress the side of his face. “Stop thinking about it for now. You know what you have to do, so let it go.”

Brick lowered his mouth to J.T.’s again and gently bit his bottom lip. “I guess I could focus on that reward again.”

“Again? I rewarded you all afternoon, and up until…” he looked down at his watch. “About two hours ago.”

“Mmm. And your point is?”

“My point is that I shouldn’t have to reward you for doing what you should have done a long time ago.”

Brick gave him a little frown and J.T. laughed, sliding off his lap and onto his knees in front of him. “However,” he said, sliding down Brick’s zipper and easing his already growing cock out of his jeans. “I might just reward myself for putting up with you all this time.”

J.T. licked a long stripe up the shaft of Brick’s cock and finished with a little swirl around the head, enjoying Brick’s heartfelt moan. Brick sucked in a breath as J.T. closed his lips around him, and he leaned back against the sofa, closing his eyes. J.T.’s mouth was stretched tight around Brick’s length, and he was sucking Brick hard and then soft, licking the underside with his tongue and raking the head ever so gently with his teeth.

Brick’s breathing went faster, and he put his hands lightly on either side of J.T.’s head, not holding him there, but urging him on, his breathing coming faster and harder. J.T. handled Brick’s balls, feeling them tighten and draw up. He knew Brick was already close—despite having already come twice during the afternoon’s proceedings, but it was always good with Brick, every damn time. J.T. moved his mouth down farther as he relaxed his throat muscles and took more of Brick in. Soft, murmuring sounds throbbed from his throat and Brick pushed at J.T.’s forehead a little, sucking in a deep breath. “Oh God, I’m going to come, baby,” he warned urgently, his voice throaty and hoarse with passion.

In response, J.T. took him deeper, made a little humming sound and then moved back up his shaft to suck around the head. He knew exactly what Brick liked and J.T. was taking care of him. J.T. was pretty sure that didn’t happen much—Brick was usually the one in control, which meant he gave all the care and attention, and that usually got him off. He was as dominant as they came, but this time would be different. This time would be about J.T. taking care of Brick, kissing and licking his way up the length of Brick’s shaft, and burying his face in his big balls as he stroked the length of Brick’s cock with his hand.

Brick reached up and tugged at his own nipple, pulling it to a taut peak as he gazed down at his lover. J.T. could imagine how he must look with his stretched, swollen lips around Brick’s cock, cheeks hollowed out from sucking him. J.T. stuck his tongue down Brick’s slit again fucking it with the tip of his tongue and Brick groaned louder, fisting J.T.’s hair. Brick rocked his hips against J.T.’s mouth as his cock jumped enthusiastically. He came so hard J.T. wasn’t sure he could take it all in. He managed to swallow it all though and then held Brick’s cock in his mouth until it finally began to soften. Only then did Brick pull his cock from J.T.’s lips and J.T. nuzzled his nose in the silky curls at Brick’s groin, pressing soft kisses on his balls and his thighs.

When he was convinced he had Brick reduced to a melting heap, he sat back on his heels and smiled up at him. “Now don’t you wish you’d come out a long time ago? Like when you were younger? You see what you’ve been missing all this time?”

Brick raised his head off the couch, still breathless. “Baby, I don’t think I could have taken this when I was younger.  You’re somebody I had to build up to.”

“Damn right,” J.T. said with a self-satisfied smile. “Damn right.”


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