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For as long as J.T. Whitlock could remember, he’d been able to see the dead and talk to them. As a child, it had scared him half to death, but gradually he became aware that the images he saw—sometimes solid, sometimes shadows—weren’t going to hurt him. Or could they? When J.T. sees the spirit of one of his murdered students, Cody Baxter, sitting at the back of his classroom, he doesn’t realize at first that Cody is dead.


Then the police pay him a visit.


Detective Nathan Brickman, “Brick” to his friends, is attracted to the gorgeous young professor right away, but he senses J.T. is hiding something. And why does the professor keep showing up in his crime scene and interfering with his investigation? When the police find the murder weapon with J.T.’s prints on it, and J.T. tells them the exact nature of Cody’s wounds, Brick has no choice but to arrest him for murder.


Can a medium find true love with an extra-large detective? And how can Brick and J.T. find their way to each other when the spirits keep trying to butt in?

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