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Char Dafoe

With a fiery temper, quick tongue, and lethal fists, Rae lives a fast and easy life in the quaint town of Alluring with plenty of women and action to satisfy the formidable leader of the motorcycle club - Dark Angels. 

Rae's easy lifestyle while dodging commitment to any one woman takes a sudden sharp turn, forcing her to lean into it when she's met head-on to a pair of blue eyes and sunny smile that lights up Rae's dark world. 

Christina, the sweetheart, blue-eyed beauty captures the biker's heart while in the foreground, Rae's right-hand woman and best friend, Ruby, painfully watches the woman she's in love with fall for another woman.

Recovering from the blindsided gut-punch that Rae is in love with two women, a storm is brewing from Christina's past and it's coming to Alluring.


Can Rae keep her world intact and protect the precious women in her life without getting killed?

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