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You Stumble, I Fall
Christine Collins

1961. Summer.  At nineteen, Louise is oblivious to her attraction to women and a novice in matters of love. Living in the heart of the English countryside, she loves horses and spends her days looking after a feisty pony that needs schooling. Louise dreams of a career in medicine, but her studies have been put on hold after the sudden death of her father.

Mary, a twenty-year-old visitor to the countryside, is well aware of her own lesbian identity and is fascinated by Lou. Schooled in privilege, Mary has traveled across Europe with her family and pursued her artistic aspirations during two gap years in Florence, Rome, and Paris. However, her family's plans for her clash with Mary’s ambition to become a portrait artist, exacerbated by her father's contempt for homosexuals.

Opportunity, sexual tension, proximity, and the glorious countryside ignites their passion.

Their youth, the times, and family pressure drive them apart.

Fast forward to 1971, where an unexpected invitation to a gallery opening reignites a love that once blossomed in their youth. But, can their love defy the pressures of adulthood and diverging careers, or will their paths separate once more?

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