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Atlas is young, gorgeous and has his world under complete control. He lives in a nice apartment, has a great best friend and an awesome job as a graphic designer. He loves his life, and it’s almost perfect...even if it is boring and utterly predictable and stale. When he sees an ad that can change his life, he decides to step out of his comfort zone and straight into the world of glitz, glamour, sex and sin. It just so happens to be occupied by the sexiest, best-looking man he’s ever seen.

Hawk broke one of his own rules when he opened his door to the handsome young man looking for a top modeling job...without an agent. From that moment on, Hawk wanted Atlas even though he'd never wanted to keep anybody for himself before. He just can’t help himself.

When an unseen enemy threatens their happiness, and the blissful future they’re trying to work out is in danger of shattering around them like a broken dream, they have to do whatever it takes to keep their love strong and alive.

If you like suspense, and steamy, sexy fun, then you’ll love T.S. McKinney’s contemporary tale of sex and intrigue.



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