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Whiskey Dreams
Shannon West

What happens when you run across an old love you never thought you'd see again? Do you run as far and fast as you can, or do you face him head on and accept his challenge? Sometimes you just need an adventure, and maybe another shot of whiskey, to cleanse the bitter taste of life without him from your soul.

Evan Williams is doing just fine. He has an exciting new job at a TV station in Atlanta, and he’s made some good friends too. If he’s drinking and sleeping around a little too much, self-medicating for the emotional pain he’s in, he’s not hurting anyone but himself. When Pride Week comes to town, and a new gay bar opens in town the same week, Evan and his friends go to check it out. He had no idea he’d run into the one person he’s been trying so desperately hard to forget—Connor MacKenzie.

When Mac sees Evan standing in his bar on opening night, he knows the beautiful man is nothing but trouble. He thought he’d lost him years ago, though he’s never been able to forget him. Now night after night he returns, flaunting himself in front of Mac and making him crazy, convincing him that the best thing he can do is to take the beautiful young man in hand—and the sooner, the better.

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