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Whimsical Diva


Whimsical Dreams, Book Four

Nova MacLeod is a tiny femme dynamo in the close-knit town of Whimsy, Florida—the snarky, humorous Dream Creamery ice cream artisan who also has an illustrious reputation in the world of food styling.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, however, Nova also rescues dangerously at-risk victims of domestic violence—women who are too frightened to even risk seeking shelter in the safe haven offered at Armstrong Protection Services. Nova secretly gets these women out before they’re killed by their abusers.

Trillian Dacanay of the APS Seven is the cool, logical, brilliant head of the APS “Geek Crew”—their data and technical security team—who has been fascinated by Nova MacLeod and her slightly chaotic world since grade school. When she finds out what Nova really does in secret, though, Trill loses her mind—then promptly swoops in to claim Nova as her own.

Nova has been Trill’s since the day Nova moved to Whimsy in the fifth grade, the handsome APS butch informs her, and Trill will be damned if Nova will continue her dangerous work without Trill at her back.

When Nova is contracted as the food stylist for a movie being shot on Florida’s Gulf beaches, she and her friends are excited when they find out the film will star box office legend Isadora Nightingale. Nova is horrified to learn, however, that Isadora has been viciously abused by her director husband Chad Lancaster for years—and the beautiful, desperate movie star has put everything on the line to make sure her path crosses with Nova’s, hoping against hope that Nova can save her.

A livid Trill vows that she and APS will do all they can to help Nova rescue Isadora from her malevolent husband. But when Chad Lancaster realizes Isadora has told Nova his secret, he is determined to shut his wife up for good—before she and Nova can destroy his reputation as one of the most powerful, untouchable men in Hollywood.

When a dangerous tropical storm barrels into west-central Florida, Trill and the APS management team pull out all the stops to get to Nova and Isadora before they are lost in the storm. Chad Lancaster, however, has other plans—and it’s up to the Armstrong twins and the Seven to bring the women to safety in the midst of the turbulent chaos.

Before Chad Lancaster can kill them first.

This work of fiction contains scenes of disciplinary spanking, and other instances of light BDSM. In addition, this story depicts / makes mention of domestic abuse. Some readers may find this content triggering.

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