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Wait For Me

TS McKinney & BJ Grinder



Susannah is a Dominatrix and FBI agent.  Jasper is a younger submissive who wants to surrender to her every desire.  The dominant side of her wants him badly, but the age gap holds her back.  Susannah’s first assignment introduces her to the sickening world of human trafficking.  Jasper, a genius with computers, jumps at the chance to do anything that will allow him to spend time with Susannah. 


When Susannah is betrayed; Jasper is abducted.  Will Susannah rescue Jasper before too much damage is done to his body…and soul?  Will she get the chance to prove her love?

Excerpt of Wait For Me



An hour later, thirty minutes longer than she had planned, they finished their workout.  Six months ago, he had asked her to show him some of the physical training she received from the FBI.  He was already well trained in all kinds of karate shit that she didn’t know the proper names for, so he was an awesome pupil.  She supposed her training had probably led to Ty’s black eye.  She did feel bad for that.  Guys were such macho animals; she had no doubt that Tyler’s pride had taken a spanking with that one.  Why?  Why did all her thoughts lead back to spankings?


“So, what do you think, teacher?  Am I doing pretty well?  Am I FBI bound?  Super hero, perhaps?”


She giggled at his questions and the teasing look on his face.  “Nope.  I’ve only taught you enough to keep you safe from all the chicks lining up outside your house every day.  I worry about you.  If they ever decide to join forces, you won’t have a chance.  You’ll find yourself tied to a bed before you can even remember any of my training — much less implement any of it.”  Yep, there she went again — pictures of Jasper tied to a bed.


“Tied to a bed, eh?”  He smirked.  “I’ve done worse.  Being tied up can be fun.  Want to try it some time?”


She wrapped a towel around her neck and started down the hall toward the kitchen.  Now they would go to the next level of their fake FBI training.  “Forget it, Casanova.  You aren’t tying me to a bed…or anything else, for that matter.  Not going to happen.”


He bumped into her when she stopped next to the kitchen table.  She hadn’t known he was that close.  He definitely had the stealth of an FBI agent and that was something they hadn’t covered yet.  She quickly stepped away and refused herself the luxury of feeling his hard body up against hers.  She had just spent an hour wrestling around with him — she knew how deliciously hard every single muscle was of his lean body.


“I wasn’t planning on tying you up, ma’am.”  His voice was so soft, she wasn’t completely sure she had heard him. 

She chose to ignore his comment.  It was for the best.  She certainly couldn’t give him what he was asking for.  She didn’t intend to, not for another nine hundred thirty days.


“I don’t like your partner, Susannah.  He’s an ass.”


“Yes, you’ve already called him that, Jasper.  He’s actually pretty nice.  You just scared the shit out of him by being in the house when we weren’t expecting anybody.  This case has us mixed up with some really unsavory people.”  She watched all kind of emotions flicker across his face as she talked.  This was a side of Jasper she wasn’t accustomed to seeing.


“We?  We weren’t expecting anybody?”  He asked with a frown.  “What exactly does that mean, Susannah?”


“It doesn’t mean anything, Jasper.  At least it doesn’t mean what you are insinuating.  He was dropping me off and saw the door open.  He asked if the door was supposed to be open.  When I told him it wasn’t, he reacted…just like he should have.”  She honestly couldn’t believe they were having this discussion.


“He wants you,” he countered softly.  All those emotions swirled around again, warning her that a line was about to be crossed.  “I could see it in his eyes.  You’re lying to yourself if you deny it.”


“I’m not having this argument with you, Jasper.  There isn’t anything between Ty and me.  He doesn’t want it and neither do I.  You need to drop it before you really make me mad.”


He looked like he wanted to continue the argument but he also didn’t want to disappoint her.  There it was again, hidden just below the surface.  His desire to be submissive around her was always there, begging her dominant personality to come out and play.  Hell, but she wanted to play.  Instead, she asked, “Are you finished?”




She arched a brow at him.


“No, ma’am.”


“I am.   I’ve worked up an appetite.”  She knew without hesitation he would do as she requested.


“So have I,” She motioned to her gear in the corner.  “Computer is over there.  I’ll get us some cookies and milk and you can get busy doing whatever it is you do to work your brainy magic.”  She forced herself to not notice how his shoulders hunched over in defeat.  She grabbed the chocolate chip cookies, two glasses, and some ice cold milk.  In the corner, he was busy digging through her knap sack.  Her laptop was tucked under his arm, but he was still digging around.  His sweat pants hung low on his narrow hips and a tiny strip of tanned flesh between his pants and T-shirt was just taunting her.  She knew he was covered with sweat and she would love to taste him.


“Let’s go, Mr. Smarty-Pants.  Some of us are old and have to get up early in the morning.”  Plus, she probably wasn’t going to sleep well tonight.  Her sick little mind would spend half the night imagining naughty scenes in her head…naughty scenes of her and Jasper.


He laid the computer on the table and plopped down onto the chair.  His brows were pinched in annoyance.  He was mad.  She didn’t see it often.  He was generally so laid back and playful.  Sexual frustration — she could recognize it anywhere.  Hell, she saw it in the freakin’ mirror every day.  No doubt her vibrator would see some action tonight.  She smiled to think that he would probably get fairly acquainted with his hand, as well.


“You aren’t old,” he grumbled.  His eyes cut in her direction.  “And I’m not that young.”  She bit back a tart reply because she didn’t want to do anything to worsen his mood. 


“Either way, I’m getting tired.  Work your magic and make me look good to my bosses.    He had managed to sort through the files and find more information about Victor and his human trafficking network than any of the IT team in the office. 

A part of her cringed when his fingers flew across the keyboard and logged into her FBI account.  No doubt she would get fired and probably be put in prison if anybody knew that an eighteen year old had access to her files from the bureau.  She had taken every precaution to ensure that only her case files were accessible and that none of the hardcore human trafficking information and videos was on the laptop.  There were surely some things she could protect his innocent mind from.  No doubt, at his age, he would be scarred for life if he watched any of the videos that revealed the horror that was inflicted on the victims of Victor Montclair.


“You know this is top secret, right?”  A chocolate chip cookie was dunked into her milk and then shoved into her mouth as she waited for his response.  She was chewing and talking at the same time, but he didn’t seem to mind.


“Waiting on you to kill me any day now,” he mumbled.  He wasn’t mad any more.  His mind was completely locked into what was on the computer.  It was so sexy to watch him work.  She could just see his brilliant mind unlocking Victor’s secrets as his sexy fingers danced across the keyboard.  It wasn’t the first time she had wondered what they would feel like if he devoted that much attention to her body instead of the keys.


The only sound in the room for the next twenty minutes was his fingers flying across the keyboard and her dunking cookies in the milk and then chewing them up.  Hell, she would need to hit the dungeon again before she went to bed.  Most people would have thought it was boring to do nothing but dunk cookies and watch someone work on the computer but those folks had never watched Jasper Madewell work.  She could watch his beautiful face for hours upon hours.  The way he nibbled his bottom lip as he studied the computer drove her mad with desire.    Fuck, but she needed help.


She had watched him like this for a couple of nights every week for the past four months.  She had taken the information he’d found to her bosses and acted like it was her work.  That might be a tad dishonest, but she did it anyway.  Oh well, sue her.  It wasn’t like she could give him the credit or anything.  Doing that would probably lead to lengthy jail sentences for both of them and, if she wasn’t mistaken and she rarely was, Jasper Madewell would not do well in prison.  He was too pretty for his own good.


“That’s it for tonight,” he grumbled to no one in particular and shut the computer off.  His mind just wasn’t into doing computer work tonight — it was trapped in fantasy land, instead.


 “No problem.  You’ve already done more than all our IT guys at work.  Thanks for all your help, Jasper.”  She felt disgusted with herself.  She knew he wanted something else from her…something she couldn’t give. 


“Sure.  I just need to hit the sack.  I have a game tomorrow, so I won’t be stopping by.”  He was desperately trying to appear as though nothing had happened, but she wasn’t buying it for a second.  She was so screwed. 


He turned and started for the door and then stopped abruptly.  He swung around, grabbed her arms, and tugged her against him before she could even squeak out a protest.  His lips found hers and his kiss was clumsy and innocent and completely knocked her socks off.  Before she could think to push him away, she yanked him even closer and took control of the kiss.  She actually felt his submission as his body molded to hers and he allowed her to take the lead.


Her mind was screaming that she stop, but her body and heart demanded that she take a little more from him.  Her hand found the back of his neck and she held him firmly in place as her tongue danced seductively in his mouth and then traced the edges of his full lips.  Again and again, she tasted every part of his lips and adored the way his body trembled and responded to her touch and dominance.  She found it so arousing that his hands and arms were spread out at his sides, refusing himself the gift of touching her without her allowing it.  His actions were intoxicating.  She pulled away and her body screamed in agony.

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