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Upon A Once and Future Time

 Hurri Cosmo - Shannon West

Pari is a Ruby Dragon, or a halfling, anyway, who doesn’t know much about being any kind of Dragon, but he does know about the tyrannical royal family who has ruled the cursed kingdom where he lives for the past two hundred years. Since the beloved Pearl Prince of their kingdom was cruelly murdered by the evil Obsidian Queen so long ago, the people of the kingdom have suffered and still mourn his loss. Yet, Pari is determined to help free his countrymen if he can. When one of his raids on the king’s palace goes terribly wrong, he winds up running for his life and right into an ancient wizard who offers him a way out—through the reflection on a magic bronze shield that he can use to go back through time to save the life of the Pearl Prince.

Once Pari arrives, he has to deal not only with misunderstandings, but an overwhelming attraction to the handsome Prince. Maxsim teaches Pari everything a good Dragon should know, including making love while flying. Treacherous trolls, evil black snow and an unexpected fall back to his own time threaten his new-found happiness with Maxsim. When he learns of the treachery around him, he has to find a way back to his love and be willing to sacrifice everything to save him and change the course of history. If he can pull it off, and if he doesn’t die in the attempt, he might just get everything his heart desires.



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