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AG Meiers

Pushing everyone away is the perfect solution to keep your heart safe, right? Well, but what if someone slips past the defensive walls…

Even on his best day Darren doesn’t do nice, and he doesn’t like people. His family is the only exception from the rule. So when his shifty brother-in-law steals from them and leaves Darren’s pregnant sister behind—all on Darren’s watch—he blames himself for the fallout. He failed. No need to talk about it. Trespassers beware.

A homeless Carlo stumbles into Darren’s life and the instant attraction catches both men completely by surprise. Carlo has had bad luck galore, but he won’t let it drag him down. He is summer sunshine to Darren’s raging storms.

But when it turns out that Carlo isn’t quite as carefree as he seems, Darren has a decision to make: Take the risk to let Carlo in or lose him completely.

Unapologetic is a hurt/comfort contemporary m/m romance with a twist and the first steamy short story in the “He is the One” series. There’s a soulmate for everyone, but sometimes love takes courage.

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