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Trust in Me: Vol 1 of the Dominants of Eros
A Lavender Flames Butch/Femme Romance


Giselle Deveraux is the Artistic Director of Edge, the most exclusive hair salon and spa in the Tampa Bay area. She is also secretly a femme submissive, but one who’s vowed she will never again get involved with another so-called “Dominant” after suffering mental, physical, and emotional torture at the hands of her first one.

Master Chance Harmon, the owner of Eros—an exclusive BDSM club for the queer community in Florida—unexpectedly takes possession of Giselle one night when the lovely woman loses a wager she’s made with her gay business partner Derrick, another Dominant at Eros. Giselle has agreed to spend a single night as the submissive of any Dom who can lure a response from her at Derrick’s birthday party at Eros. When it’s the mysterious and seductive butch club owner who draws an unbidden reaction from the guarded femme that night, Giselle is persuaded to spend the entire weekend with Chance, at her command.

Chance is determined to show Giselle what a real D/s relationship should be, that nightmare abuse is not what any sub should suffer under her Master. After a weekend filled with passion, healthy power exchange, and the fulfillment of Giselle’s darkest desires, the couple decides to see where their budding relationship will take them, with Chance confident she can heal Giselle’s scars.

But Giselle’s trust issues are much deeper than even Chance has suspected. Giselle struggles to obey her Master when Chance makes it clear she will expect no less than her submissive’s complete and total surrender. When Nisha Rhymer, Giselle’s old tormentor, appears and sends Giselle spiraling into panicked fear—leaving the frightened woman convinced she can only depend on herself to stay protected from Nisha’s latest threat—Master Chance must fight to make Giselle finally understand it’s her total trust in Chance that can free her to give her Master the most rewarding submission of all.

You'll stay up all night reading this erotic butch/femme, dominance and submission, opposites attract cubes and a cold washcloth recommended!

CONTENT WARNING: This book includes themes of BDSM, dominance and submission,
spanking, control, extreme sexual scenes, and other kink elements—as well as a few descriptions
of physical abuse (in the interest of showing how rotten our villain is). Some readers may find this content triggering.

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