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The Wrong Time

Swept away by desire at the wrong time, Mal Davis and Raina Greer have already proven to make a royal mess of commitment. When life presents a second chance, will they throw caution to the wind or will they let the chance meeting of a lifetime slip away?


When farmer Lorraina “Raina” Greer happened upon recently widowed Deputy Mallory Davis one spring evening, sparks hurriedly flew and both women were consumed with the flames of raw passion, at all of the wrong times. As news of Mal’s past surfaces to put a stop to their burgeoning romance, both vow to move on. The trouble is, neither can seem to stop reliving those fiery nights of desire, the taste of pure lust, and the hours whiled away in one another’s arms. Neither has managed to forget. But when life presents the women a second chance, a better time, will they be brave enough to take that leap of faith into the future?

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