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The Submissive


After repeatedly warning Cody of consequences for his bad habits and behavior, Jake administers discipline. Afterwards, he takes Cody to his club for the first time both to display his Dominance and to show the handsome Cody off to his friends.


Public display is one of Cody’s soft limits, but Jake pushes his boundaries a little and they arrive at the club. Jake looks dark and dangerous in his leathers, exactly like what Cody imagined the Marquis de Sade must have looked like as he led his victims into his dungeon rooms. Cody can feel the sweat popping out on his brow, but he trusts Jake and allows him to find a table and join friends, where Cody sees an example of just how the "perfect submissive" should act. Confused, conflicted and consumed with jealousy, Cody feels like he is so far out of his depth he’s drowning.


Worrying that his own ability to fit into the lifestyle is sorely lacking, Cody fears Jake’s heart may be forever beyond his reach.

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