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The Spirit of Christmas 

The Spirit of Christmas



Brandon and Jeremy’s met just before Valentine’s Day.  It’s Christmas now and their relationship has progressed to something that Jeremy hopes will become permanent. Due to a relationship that ended badly for Brandon, Jeremy isn’t sure his boyfriend’s ready for that type of commitment yet, but he’s willing to wait.

He’s surprised and pleased when Brandon asks him to move in with him as soon as he completes renovations on the old Victorian house that has been in his family for generations. Jeremy definitely wants to live with Brandon, but not necessarily in that house. There’s something strange about it that makes Jeremy uncomfortable. Even Sam, Brandon’s Border Collie doesn’t like to go inside the house.

Brandon doesn’t understand Jeremy’s feelings, declaring that he never senses anything eerie there. He insists that it’s just Jeremy’s imagination working overtime, but Jeremy knows that it isn’t, that it’s something more.

Will Jeremy’s aversion to the house ultimately end their relationship, or will they have a spirited Christmas and come to an understanding? 

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