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The New Game Plan

by Shannon West


They say you never hear the one that has your name on it, or so Cody remembers as he lies on the floor staring up at the ceiling with a bullet in his chest. After a harrowing trip to the hospital and a dangerous surgery, Cody is recovering from his wound and wants nothing more than to go back to his life with Jake just the way it was. But Jake came too close to losing Cody forever and he can’t stand the idea of inflicting any more pain on him, even though Cody craves it, along with Jake’s Dominance and control. If Cody can’t be Jake’s submissive anymore, than who is he? And how long will it be before Jake goes looking for someone else who can satisfy all his needs? Jake offers a compromise—he’ll occasionally play with other subs, but will make love only to Cody. But Cody knows subs will be lining up to take care of Jake, and Cody’s jealousy begins to consume him. He has to prove to Jake that he hasn’t changed just because he had the bad luck to get shot. And he isn’t willing to wait a second longer to reclaim his position as Jake’s submissive.

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