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Their New Man
 M.D. Brady

At the Tokyo Olympic Games, free-spirit Simon Price meets one of his idols, Olympic swimmer Kyle Ward, and slips him his number. After sparks fly at dinner and into the bedroom, Simon’s stunned when another swimmer, Nico Park, makes a play for him. Falling for both of them, Simon wonders if the three of them could be together, or if he’s fated to fly home alone?


Kyle and Nico are at the top of their game. Determined, passionate, and exes, they’re both drawn to Simon at the same time.


The loss of Kyle’s parents as a child, casts a spectre over his future. Confused by his attraction to Simon and feeling close to Nico again, Kyle must confront his self-doubt if he’s to move forward with anyone.


The demands of Nico’s father to abandon swimming and enter the family business are costing him medals. Frustrated by his desire for Kyle and Simon, Nico’s needs to step out of the shadows of his past if he’s ever to realise his true potential.


For these lost and lonely souls three may just be their perfect number.

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