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The Imperial
Shannon West

Colonel Tariq, of the prestigious Tygerian Imperial Guard, has lived a hard life. A war hero, wounded in battle, he lost his parents in a shocking way at an early age, and then lost his young husband after only two cycles of marriage. The tragedies have left him wary of relationships and too scared to love again. But now, he’s been given an offer he can’t refuse—an opportunity to “do King Davos a favor” and act as a personal bodyguard for the youngest prince of Tygeria, the famously blond, gorgeous and hard-to-handle Prince Rakkur.

Rakkur is on his way to meet a potential suitor on the faraway planet of Loros, where Prince Mikol now lives. It sounds easy enough—except for one major problem. Tariq has a huge secret when it comes to Rakkur. One that will challenge all he thought he knew about himself—one that will change literally everything.

Fasten your seatbelts and come along—it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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