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How can you take your life back...

...if you can’t remember what you’ve lost?

Growing up on the streets Leslyn could only survive by learning to steal what she needed, and she proved to be an excellent student. But now, after a lifetime spent creating a place for herself she's lost it all – and she doesn't even remember how.

Having woken up in an alley with no memories of the last two years, she must somehow find a way to put together the missing pieces. But with no friends from her old life willing to talk to her and everything she once had now lost or forgotten, Leslyn finds she has no choice but to start over from the bottom, picking pockets and palming food to survive.

Until, that is, the day a beautiful and wealthy noblewoman shows up in her hideout with a tempting offer. If Leslyn can steal a magical potion from a rival noble she will help find the answers to what happened to her.

But can she truly trust this woman, who is clearly hiding something?


 Stolen Moments 


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