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Sleeping with the Enemy

Witches of the Big Easy #4

Shannon West

Nic and Beau have moved back to New Orleans and are planning their wedding but Taylor has secrets he's been keeping, and they're about to be revealed in a shocking way that could have deadly consequences. 


“Don’t even think about calling him,” the note in Taylor's own handwriting read. "You'll regret it if you do."


The note was posted on his refrigerator door to remind him never to make that mistake again, but he still can't forget the gorgeous, sexy man he met in London just six months ago--the man he fell in love with. Now that man has come back into his life, an unexpected and unwelcome guest at Nic and Beau's wedding, and unless Taylor can stop him, his visit will have deadly consequences. 


Konrad thought it would be so easy to put his spell on Taylor, but nothing was working out like he planned. Everything about Taylor had been mysterious and unexpected so far and Konrad hasn't been able to figure him out. Who really is this man who seems to be Nic's guardian and best friend? Konrad and Taylor's love story had begun like a fairy tale, and it had all the elements of one— a love potion, a fairy’s curse, a bold, handsome hero and a magic spell. But there was one huge thing missing from their story, and that was the happy ending. When you're sleeping with the enemy, can there ever really be one? 





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