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Sins of Omission

T.S. McKinney

Ari’s heart was broken three years ago when the love of his life rejected him. Eli may have had his reasons—they may have even been good ones, but now he’s shown back up in Ari’s life, making outrageous claims on him and all Ari wants to do is run. Unfortunately, he flees right into the arms of some would-be kidnappers and has to rely on Eli to save him. Despite his father’s and his agency’s fears for Ari’s safety, he insists on going on with his life, which includes an upcoming vacation and not giving in to fears for his safety. The only problem is the agency wants to send Eli along with him as an all too willing bodyguard. This is so not what Ari had in mind when he signed up for a gay cruise!

Eli has been in love with Ari for years and has just been waiting for him to be old enough to be claimed. He’s waited as long as he can and he’s not willing to wait a second longer.  Now if he can just convince Ari to let him back into his life, and if he can just hide his deepest desires from Ari so he won’t frighten him away, this just might work out. Eli quickly awakens a passion in Ari that neither of them ever knew existed, an undeniable attraction that could match his own hidden needs. Add in a hot Caribbean cruise, pink lace, ropes, romance and even another kidnapping attempt, and it’s a recipe for a sexy adventure that just might bring them both everything their hearts desire.



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