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Runaway Omega

 Shannon West

Kade has been Logan’s beta since they were only boys and Logan considers him to be his best friend and closest advisor. But once Kade tells Logan how he really feels about him—and tells him he’d like to be more than just friends, things aren’t the same between them anymore. Logan rejects Kade, telling him lovers come and go, but friendship lasts forever, and he doesn’t ever want to lose what’s between them. But when Kade becomes pregnant after a wild night under the moonlight, he discovers that he’s going to have a baby. It sound impossible, unbelievable—betas don’t get pregnant! But it’s true, according to the doctors. He is not the beta he always believed himself to be. Somehow he must be a male omega, only valued for his ability to breed.


Determined to keep his secrets and avoid the shame of being a lowly omega, he takes the first bus out of town. But after a few months, he finds himself broke, hungry and unable to to provide for himself. Then one day, as Kade is walking to a food shelter, a big SUV pulls up beside him and Logan erupts from the truck like the wrath of God. He is shocked to learn of Kade’s pregnancy, but takes Kade back home with him, not realizing who the father of Kade’s baby really is. Can Kade somehow make this work, tell Logan the truth and make Logan fall in love with him? Or is his relationship doomed to failure, so that Kade has to run again? 


Coming January 30th

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