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Rumors of War
Shannon West

The Mate of the Tyger Prince world continues with Bloodlines


Mikol is now twenty-seven years old and is considered to be one of the finest generals in the Tygerian army. Just in time, too, as King Davos, after being wounded in battle is taking an extended leave of absence for a while at the insistence of his doctors and a badly shaken Blake. In the king’s absence, Prince Mikos takes over his duties as Prince Regent, and Prince Mikol has become one of the two new Battle Commanders, alongside the fearsome General Haggoz. Haggoz is to be in charge of domestic concerns, assisting the Regent, and Mikol takes on the task of dealing with the planets outside Tygeria’s solar system.

Meanwhile on a planet called Loros, the former king has died under suspicious circumstances, and the new leader has married his brother’s widowed queen. He has displaced the rightful heir, the young Prince Kalen, and is now trying to marry that prince off to one of the Tygerian princes in order to solidify an alliance. Lorian officials are shocked when Tygeria offers Prince Mikol as a mate, the heir apparent and most eligible of all the princes.

It’s a dangerous time in the Axis empire, however, as a new threat is looming on the far horizon—a confederation of planets known as The Pton have been rampaging on the northern borders of the galaxy, in some of the sparsely inhabited star systems there. The Pton are from a galaxy known to the Axis as L87, a spiral galaxy, light-years away. Little is known about the Pton, except for the fact that they’re savage, and seem to follow “a scorched earth” policy on the planets they vanquish, after their custom of burning or destroying everything in their wake. They have their sights set on Loros now, the home of Prince Mikol’s new fiancé—to either colonize it or reduce it to smoking ruins.

The once proud imperial court of Loros is seething with rumors of war and whispers of murder. Intrigue is growing daily, and threats lurk in the shadows. Tensions mount as Mikol and Kalen have their first meeting. A powerful love begins, but can they learn to trust each other and stand together against the forces that are trying to tear their worlds apart?

This is the first book in a new series, with some favorite characters from the original Mate of the Tyger Prince series making frequent appearances.

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