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Royal Captive

(Mate of the Tyger Prince 8)

 Shannon West

From the outside, it looks as if Janos, the king of Laltana, has everything—looks, wealth, power, and the love of his people. But, few realize his on-going battle with his inner demons. Captured, imprisoned, and abused by the Tygerians, he loathes his enemies and vows revenge.

When the king’s brother gifts him with a young Tygerian slave, the perfect opportunity for vengeance is within his grasp, but he finds he can’t take it. Bastion is young, defiant, and brave—and reminds Janos too much of himself at that age. Bastion becomes a soldier for the king instead, but Janos knows very well Bastion is not his real name. This is Prince Larz of Tygeria, and his family is scouring the galaxies for him. Both Janos and Larz struggle with a growing attraction to each other that they just can’t deny as the years pass, though Janos keeps his distance.

When war breaks out with a neighboring country, King Janos leads his soldiers into battle and soon finds the scared boy of long ago is now a deadly warrior who looks just like his brother, the Bloody Prince Mikos--Janos’s most hated enemy.

Torn between loathing for the Tygerians, and a growing respect and attraction for Larz, Janos must face not only his demons but the wrath of Larz’s family. If the two of them can weather the coming storm, they might just get everything their hearts desire.


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