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 T.s. McKinney and Shannon West

From the outside, it looks as if college football quarterback Kingston Bentley has it all—good looks, athletic ability and a 4.0 average in his classes.  But looks can be deceiving. 

Kingston is battling inner demons that are jeopardizing his safety and slowly driving him to more and more acts of desperation. Everywhere he looks, he’s got nothing but trouble and turmoil in his life, and when he loses his coveted first-string position on the football team, he goes back to the one thing he can count on—cutting himself to relieve the pressure and the emotional pain.

The new quarterback, Memphis Sawyer, is the Coach’s son, and under enormous pressure of his own as he's brought in to lead his new team to the national championship. For that, he needs Kingston’s help, and they soon become an unbeatable force both on the field and off. But when Memphis discovers Kingston in the act of cutting himself, he uses his forceful nature and all he knows about being a Dom to take Kingston in hand and ensure his welfare. Kingston loves the pain, but he strongly rebels against the idea of being Memphis’s sub. As Kingston begins his training, however, Memphis discovers just how fragile their relationship really is, and how desperately he needs to help Kingston deal with the secrets from his past.



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