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Davv’id has finally begun to redeem himself in the eyes of his brothers after killing Amariska and ending her evil reign, and he’s prepared for his life to return to something approaching normal again. He wants his brother Alek to finally forgive him, and he needs to take his rightful place in the family hierarchy beside Kaden. He’s ready to do all these things when he learns of a young human, once enslaved and enthralled by Amariska, who prefers to commit suicide rather than be rehabilitated.


Davv’id goes to see him and is amazed when the beautiful young man drops to his knees in front of him and calls him his Master. If that weren’t bad enough, Davv’id realizes once he touches the boy that he is somehow his one, true mate. He has to save him, but what Davv’id doesn’t know is that Theo is actually a missing rock star with an even deeper secret, one that will turn rock the vampires’ world to its foundations and make Davv’id question everything he thought he knew about himself. 


As secrets are revealed, Davv’id has to overcome Theo’s feelings of mistrust, and just when happiness is in his grasp, Theo is taken again by an old enemy who wants to destroy everything that Davv’id holds dear. Davv’id’s only choice is to turn his back on his brothers and betray them in the worst possible way in order to save the man he loves.


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