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Rebel Moon: (Moonstruck #2)

Shannon West






 After a long search for the rebel group of wolf shifters located in the eastern Canadian woods, Brandt Malik finally stumbles upon them while hunting one day. But before he can report back to his alphas, Brandt is captured by the rebels, who take one look at his uniform and believe he’s spying on them for the Bureau of Lupine Affairs. The rebels don’t make any attempt to hide their contempt and mistrust of the former agent, and Brandt is sent to be interrogated by the second in command, Zayne Sala, a powerful and dominant alpha.


Zayne, a huge Alaskan wolf, can’t believe what his senses are telling him when he discovers the good looking BLA agent. This man, this traitor to their kind, can’t be his mate, despite all evidence to the contrary. Despite his growing compulsion for the agent, he takes charge of Brandt and tricks him into leading the rebels back to his camp. They capture the entire group and lead them back in chains to their stronghold. Now it’s up to Brandt and the others to convince the rebels that they’re trustworthy and that they only wish to join the rebellion. Zayne has vowed never to truly mate with Brandt, no matter how painful it is for him to stay away from him, but as it becomes obvious that his plan won’t work, he tries instead to teach his mate proper submissive behavior and ignore his painful past.


As their love struggles to take root, Zayne must learn to trust in Brandt and stand together against the forces trying to tear them apart or risk losing everything.

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