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Raising Hell

Shannon West

Raising Hell.jpg

After the death of his parents, Noah Smith returns to his old hometown of Indian Springs, Alabama, to help care for his elderly grandmother and to take over the family bakery. The worrisome fact is Noah knows nothing at all about bakeries, running a small business, or taking care of little old ladies.

Nick Moody is the youngest sheriff ever elected in the county, and has a complicated history with Noah, one that he would prefer to leave buried in the past. But when a dead body is found behind the bakery, Noah has to call on the sheriff, his own ingenuity, and a little supernatural help to save the day.

Take some doughnuts, a cherry pie, a little fire and brimstone and a magic book, add in a few incantations and some polished toenails and you have a recipe for a prize-winning second chance romance—if the evil demon his grandmother and her friends have conjured up doesn’t ruin everything first.

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