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Private Dancer

Shawn Bailey

With no family and no dowry to offer, Chae Li never thought he would find anyone to love. All that changes when Chae meets his new boss, the rich and powerful Ansari Than.



Business mogul Ansari Than moves to Seoul, South Korea from Koreatown, California to take over his newly acquired business…. JAMM Entertainment. The trouble begins the moment he has to save singing sensation Chae Li from a mob of screaming fans. Then he discovers the company has been embezzled by the previous owner and his entertainers and the suppliers haven’t been paid in months! Ansari fires the employees from the last regime, borrows money against his inheritance to pay of all his debts, and hires a crackerjack publicist to help make his company one of the top three entertainment business in the company.


Chae Li has never dated before, but lately parts of his body have been doing strange things whenever his new boss Ansari Than is near. Though his friends tease him about the new boss liking him, there was no way someone as rich and powerful as Ansari could be interested in an inexperienced and poor orphan like him. Then his group XYZ wins a primo job of being hosts of the music show “Lets do Music,” and Chae’s luck starts to change.


Book three in the Asian Idols series!



Available April 30th

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