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The plague the wolves called the Pestilence destroyed more than seventy percent of the human population some fifty years ago. Nothing had helped, but the wolves, immune to human diseases, had done their best, and when it became clear there were no medicines that touched the illness, they buried the dead and started a new world order. Quinn the Supreme Alpha of the Nine Territories is now living happily with his human mate, Aaron, and trying to bring some of the human survivors, who have rebelled against wolf rule, back into the fold. When Aaron is struck down by the very plague Quinn thought he’d saved him from, Quinn is almost paralyzed by grief until doctors tell him of a remarkable mutation that just might save Aaron, even if it means turning the entire Wolf Council against them both by bringing a hybrid into the world. The only chance Aaron has is for Quinn to impregnate him with his baby.

Quinn takes the bold action to save his mate’s life, but a few months later, before Aaron can deliver the child, he’s kidnapped by the Human Alliance, a group of rebels who have a particular grudge against Quinn. Doctors don’t know if either Aaron or the baby can possibly survive the impending birth, and now Quinn is in a desperate race against time to find his mate. Aided by his closest allies, Quinn has to take desperate measures to bring his mate home to save both Aaron and the child. With the rebels out to destroy his happiness, Quinn is forced to rely on instinct and ingenuity if he and his mate are going to make it to out of this alive.

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