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Please Be Mine

It’s Valentine’s Day again and popular technologies executive Flynn Reynolds has received more than his share of candy from the single women employees and mother’s of marriageable age daughters. His best friend Greer Sheen thinks it’s funny that every year Flynn has to lug a ton of chocolate home from the office. Usually foreigners don’t get this much attention in Tokyo! But Flynn isn’t just anybody. He’s the youngest son of the richest American man in Japan. They both get the surprise of their lives with a young Japanese man appears and presents a box of candy to Flynn. Straight laced Greer is shocked that a guy has offered his heart to Flynn, even though Flynn has professed to be gay. Greer just thinks it’s a phase Flynn is going through. After all, Flynn had married a woman and had a son, but he could be wrong, especially since Flynn looked completely enamored by dark-haired, dark-eyed guy who was brave enough to show up with sweets. Would Flynn be foolish enough to risk his reputation and cause an international scandal in Tokyo?



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