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An Operative of Fate

Voss Porter

Devin Knight seems to have lost all hope of a private life. It's been ages since she's had a date. It's been ages since she's been alone with another woman. All she does is work. She works at four in the morning, she works at nine at night. When she came back home after culinary school, she didn't expect to be responsible for so much so soon. She didn't expect to be in charge of the Knight Bakery without her father to help her. She didn't expect to be mired down in predictability, drowning in expectations. No matter what she does, she cannot seem to live up to his example.

Now, the annual Pine Ridge Christmas Eve Parade is unfolding around her, she's up to her eyeballs in cakes, pies and cookies and the universe conspires to give her a glimpse at what her future could be. Will she open her heart to Christmas possibility?

Find out in An Operative of Fate: A Christmas Story by Amazon bestselling author, Voss Porter.



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