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Mickie was happy to find a small house in the exclusive Historic French Quarter of New Orleans.  She thought nothing of guarding the ancient building she'd purchased, protecting it from the many tourists that
might try to break into the famous “Vampire Monastery,” as it was called.  What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with the man who spent the evenings restoring the ancient paintings in the attic.


Nicandro has spent the last three hundred years in the monastery hiding from  demons that have invaded his realm and taken many of his kind prisoner. He had resigned himself to the fact that he would be alone for the rest of his life until he met Mickie. Now he needs to find a way to let her know that not only is he a fairy, but that demons are hunting him for his blood. Time is running out, and unless he finds a way to stop them, he risks losing not only his life and his love, but his immortal soul.



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