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Mated to a Minotaur

Lola Santiago

When Jacob Brinson planned his vacation to the ancient ruins of Cyprus, he never expected to come face to face with his own personal nightmare. But as he wandered through the ruins of a labyrinth, he got separated from the other tourists and finds himself lost inside the confusing corridors. 

When something looks out of the shadows at him, Jacob pinches himself to see if he’s dreaming, but he is frighteningly awake and staring at something out of the pages of the ancient books he read in his lonely room at night—a Minotaur, a creature with the head of a bull, but the hot, well-built body of a sexy man.


Jacob thinks he’s facing imminent death, but wakes up naked on the floor of the labyrinth and faced with a dilemma he never imagined even in his wildest dreams.

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