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Mended Heart of Stone

Death and deceit tore them apart ten years ago. Can those same things bring them back together again and mend their broken hearts?

Ten years ago Cooper Stone had the world at his feet. He was in love with the girl of his dreams, had a best friend who he thought of as a brother, and was planning a career in the military. The night of his senior prom his world came crashing down. Word came that his best friend had been killed in action and his girlfriend turned down his marriage proposal and walked away, leaving him to pick up the pieces of his broken heart.

Maggie Fields had lost everything that truly mattered to her. Her brother, her parents, her career dreams, and the love of her life Cooper Stone, but she didn’t fold. She did what she had to do to survive and she fought back against those who wanted to destroy her.

When trouble comes to Climax Holler, is Cooper willing to put aside his heartache at the sight of Maggie and help keep her safe? Can these two overcome their past to find love once again?

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