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Mastering Amanda

Shannon West and Susan E. Scott


After ten years of working and pining for her gorgeous boss, Mac MacAllister, Amanda fears their relationship might be coming to an end. Surprisingly, Mac has made her an offer she shouldn't be able to refuse - marry him and be a good wife and mother to their future children, but it would be more of a business arrangment than a marriage. Mac is a Dom, and while he would never subject Amanda to his extreme sexual demands, he wants to retain the privilege of going outside the marriage occasionally to play with submissives at his club.


In the midst of this shocking proposal, Amanda makes a counter-proposal of her own that Mac isn't ready to hear. Amanda asks to be trained as his submissive, so she can belong to her boss in every way. Mac is outraged at the idea, and Amanda feels she has no choice but to ask for her release and to never see him again. But Mac is far from done with her. When she shows up at his club, Mac decides to teach her a lesson, and make her realize that no man will ever touch her but him.

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