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     While she went by the pen names LL Brooks, Larriane Wills, and Larion Wills (depending on the genre), she was always Larriane to us. Larriane became a part of our publishing family before Painted Hearts Publishing (originally named Dark Hollows Press) even came into being. She edited and co-wrote with Shannon West when they both worked with Secret Cravings Publishing, and when Dark Hollows Press opened its doors in 2013, Larriane was there to help us get going.
     Over the years, she would write or co-write more than 20 titles with us (some of which are pictured below), and edit countless others. As an editor, she had a keen eye for detail. She worked with the authors whose books she edited closely, and would not be satisfied until the story was the best it could be. As an author, she loved shifters, the Old West, and strong male leads. 
     If you've ever been to a romance book convention, then you know about the theme parties and the swag. Larriane would hand-make the most amazing costumes for the parties. Hollywood costume designers had nothing on Larriane. And the swag... Whether it was for 30 people or 300, Larriane would put her own personal touch on each piece. As a matter of fact, we just received a package of swag from Larriane in December that she'd put together to be included with ours for a convention later this year.
     Larriane was sweet, funny, and the kind of person you just generally enjoyed knowing. She had a larger than life personality that often made its way into her stories. 
We are all better people for having known her. 

We at Painted Hearts Publishing would like to extend our deepest sympathies to all Larriane's family and friends.
Black Mesa 11
Black Mesa 2 edit
Black Mesa 3-1
Defending Devon final
Black Mesa 4
Black Mesa 4-D
Beast's Dark Night trees
Love isn't enough
Taking Dylan Down 6x9
Absolute Trust
Eric 2
Goldi 1a
blood and bite
Mark of the Sire final
curse of the sire proof 1
1Awake the Savage
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