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Logan is having nightmares. Night after night, he’s dreaming of a terrible massacre that happened years ago when he was a Hunter, but he can’t get the violent images out of his head. Someone is sending him letters in the mail about the brutal killings, and he confides in Nicky, who tells him to talk to Ian. He urges him to tell the truth about the dreams, because "if Ian finds out from someone else, it’ll be over between you." When the rogue alpha who has been sending Logan the messages attacks him in the woods, Nicky tries to defend Logan and is almost killed. The captured rogue alpha tells Ian what he knows and it  destroys his relationship with Logan. When Logan runs from the pack, a terrible divide opens up. Marco and his followers are on one side against the rogue alpha and his supporters, who want to take over. Who will manage to gain the upper hand? Or will this finally tear the powerful pack apart and start a civil war?





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