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Kian's Alpha (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack #13)






Kian had a history of bad luck with alphas. Because when you’re an omega, with the palest shade of blond hair and eyes an odd shade of frosted blue, alphas were nothing but trouble. Most alphas wanted to use him for his looks or for what he could do, but no good had ever come from any interaction Kian had ever had with one of them. Kian had certain other abilities that made him even more special and more attractive to alphas. 


It was this special ability that brought him to the attention of the Dark Hollow Wolves. And they had a new alpha. He was downright gorgeous, stern, and old-fashioned. But one thing he said he’d never do was mate an omega. As their love struggles to take root, Kian must learn to trust in Jim and they have to stand together against the sinister outside forces that sent Kian to the pack in the first place and that threaten to drive a wedge between another one of the alphas and his mate to tear both them and the pack apart.

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