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His home was a strip joint, she ran away from hers.
Can these two discover that Christmas is sweeter when shared together?

What’s a guy to do when he’s desperate for a woman? You hit up a strip joint, but not just any strip joint. It’s the place where homeless teenager, Nick Snow found his first job and someone who cared.
Now Nick is a successful business owner of an online sex toy shop, and two days before the shoot for his first Christmas catalog, the professional model he hires balks at posing with sex toys. So Nick goes back to the only place that ever felt like home, the Stripped Kitty, to find a new model.

Kandi is a college student working her way through business school by stripping. She wanted more from life than the mundane one on the family pig farm in Iowa so, she runs to New York and leaves behind the practical family that she loves and misses.

Nick and Kandi have an instant connection, but can she show Nick that Christmas should be fun and whimsical, even magical? And can Nick teach Kandi that Christmas should be spent with family and those you love?

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