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 Shawn Bailey

Available exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, beginning December 12th!

Master Gunnery Sergeant Kristopher Kringle returns home after serving 20 years in the Marine Corps. He was finally going to join his brothers Lucas and David in the family retail store business when suddenly his future partner in life, a raven-haired, red and white striped tight wearing college student, fell into his arms while trying to place the star on top of the store’s Christmas tree. The way Kris saw it, the elf was his to keep.

College student, Jessie James loved everything about the holiday season and had worked for Mr. Kringle since his senior year of high school. Normally he worked in the toy department, but this year he also got to work with Santa as one of his magical elves, which included helping to decorate the store. He was just about to put the star on top of the tree when the ladder moved and he fell. But instead of dying, Jessie lay safe and warm in the arms of the handsomest guy he’d ever laid eyes on. He didn’t know if he believed in love at first sight, but from now on he was going to believe in miracles!


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