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Jere' M. Fishback

Jere' M. Fishback writes short fiction and novels. A former journalist and trial lawyer, he lives with his partner Greg on a barrier island on Florida's Gulf Coast. Besides writing, Jere's passions are playing guitar, travel, and enjoying his fishing camp. His philosophy on fiction? A story’s not good unless it pisses somebody off.   


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Eighteen year-old Nate Ziegler has problems. A dead boy's ghost dwells in the crawl space above Nate's walk-in closet; the ghost won't leave Nate alone. Nate's cross-country teammate is an astrology freak; he wants to recruit Nate as his disciple. Nate's new boyfriend is an emotional mess; he's a victim of physical and psychological abuse. And Nate's parents don't even know Nate is gay. How will he deal with it all?


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