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Jacci DeVera

Jacci DeVera lives in the southern Appalachians. She enjoys writing as much as she enjoys napping, cats, cookies, myths, and wolves. The only hard and fast rule she has when she writes is that the story must have a happy ending. Romance was the natural choice to settle in. She is thrilled with the direction writing, and particularly romance, has taken in recent years with genre lines blurring, so her love of fantasy, paranormal, and historicals can intermingle without fear of intolerance.

She has two delightful, independent daughters who help keep the house from falling apart while she's working. And an encouraging husband who likes traveling to romance conventions. She believes in the importance of the journey as much as the destination itself. Stories are found everywhere if we pause long enough to listen.

Jacci is also a 2017 Epic ebook awards finalist for Queen of the Hollow.

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