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 Ice Quake 
A Butch/Femme Ice Butch Romantic Suspense


Ice quake: A geological event in which ice expands during sudden warm periods and is unable to accommodate the change in volume, causing cracking or booming sounds.

43-year-old Lenora Wexler is the conservative CEO of The Wexler-Grahmme Group in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, a cold—yet kind—and guarded butch with a painful past. Because of the damaging trauma she has suffered at her ex-wife's hands, she’s sworn she will never, EVER get involved with another woman again. Femmes are too catty, too selfish, and too unkind—in her experience—and they aren’t worth the risk to her heart.

40-year-old Willow St. James is the new business analyst and developer at Wexler-Grahmme, a brilliant, quirky femme with a fondness for Chuck Taylor sneakers and eclectic clothing. Her unconventional life includes a kooky nonbinary barista roommate with lavender hair named Rebel, a pet chinchilla named Drip, and a tabby cat with a shoelace fascination named Glitch. Len’s best friend and business partner, Beck Grahmme—who is also the chief operating officer of Wexler-Grahmme and Willow’s new boss—is convinced Len only needs to spend a little bit of time with Willow and Rebel in “Chaos Central” to see that not all femmes are the same.

When a sneaky corporate thief raises their ugly head in an embezzlement scheme, Willow draws upon her formidable analysis skills to help Len and Beck identify and capture the thief. But Willow's heart has been breaking—because she's fallen in love with the handsome CEO, who is encased in such a thick layer of ice, Willow despairs of ever getting through to her.

Until, of course, an ice quake strikes and turns all of their worlds completely upside down. Oh, the things that make you go Boom.

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