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I Don't Do Christmas
LL Brooks

Glenn, an introvert, had difficulty coming out of the closet. When he is attacked and badly beaten leaving a gay bar, he withdraws even further, barely having physical contact with the outside world.


Chad is ready to get out of the big city. He gives up his position in the Phoenix police department and moves to a small town. Turns out the job is not only different than promised, it’s another night shift, and the dog barking next door when he needs to sleep, brings Chad’s frustration to a head. But when he sees the terror in Glenn's eyes, he cuts off his tirade at his neighbor. Suddenly, he wants to pull the blue-eyed beauty into his arms and comfort him. Despite the instant chemistry that erupts between them, Glenn only accepts a relationship with the condition of total secrecy.


Chad agrees. But months later it becomes apparent Glenn doesn’t believe in lasting love, and that it’s only a matter of time before Chad drops him. Glenn’s refusal to share in something as special as Christmas particularly hurts. Will this push Chad away and end their relationship, just like Glenn expects?


Or could something happen, a miracle of sorts, to put the two together on Christmas morning.


I Don’t Do Christmas is a m/m erotic, extended version of the previously published Courage to Love.

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