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 T.S. McKinney


Gabriel Gaudet is still in New Orleans, and still the Legislateur in charge of the city, now that Nic has taken Thibeau back to New York with him. Though happy for his brother, he can’t help but be jealous of Nic’s happily ever after—not jealous to the point he didn’t want his older brother to find the love he so richly deserved, but the kind of jealous where he wanted love to find him too, but suspected it never would. When mysterious murders involving voodoo dolls begin happening all over the Big Easy, Gabe has to track down the culprit and destroy the dark magic associated with the murders. It should be simple enough—but when was anything ever simple when it came to magic? The bloody poppet at the last murder scene leads him straight to the shop of a known warlock, but instead of finding him, he encounters a gorgeous creature who reeks of dark magic but has the smile of an angel. Things turn from simple to deadly complicated faster than Gabriel can pronounce a spell to stop it.

Marchand’s life sucks. Not only can he not find the desire to escape the cruel fiancé he’s apparently tied himself to, but he feels anchored in a world where he has zero desire to be. All that changes, though, when a mysterious, handsome and sexy man enters his boyfriend’s shop, calls himself a Legislateur, like Marchand is supposed to know what that is, and even stranger than all that, calls Marchand a vampire! He tells him the little poppets he makes for the shop have been killing people all over town and then takes him captive until he can “figure out what to do with him.”

Two powerful men are thrust into a mystery full of dark magic, gorgeous vampires, warlocks, voodoo, demons, and fallen angels, and the two have to first determine if they’re even on the same side…and if their rapidly developing feelings for one another are all too real or if they’re something they just conjured up. An evil plot to take over New Orleans and terrible danger surround them on all sides in this city where the veil is thin between this world and the next, and most especially, after dark.



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